Lecherous Honey by Megan Breen

Lecherous Honey is a contemporary adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's classic play Ghosts deconstructed by playwright Megan Breen. A site- specific promenade piece performed at Berger Park North Mansion

photos by John Jennings and Rebecca Memoli

“Lecherous Honey” possesses masterful ambience. It transports us and transforms the rooms we walk into. The spectacles inside (an indoor take on the Aurora Borealis hangs overhead) are truly magical and awe inspiring. It was easy to not question their reality with such powerful tools of world-building on display.”
— NewCity



Voyage is a psychosexual theatrical odyssey, a devised production created by Cock and Bull that explores our innate human desire to heal ourselves, and the lengths we go to be cured. Voyage takes place in two distinct periods of history, 1799 and 1969, when medicine and psychotherapy were still vast, unexplored frontiers.

photos by Ryan Bourque

Voyage is beautifully realized.When it’s over you feel like you’ve woken from a dream: intense, disturbing and yes a little ridiculous.
— NewCityStage.com
Fans of devised theatre should flock to this experimental, creative and visually intriguing production at the Chopin Theatre
— Chicago Stage Standard


This is not the movie, nor the musical, but an experimental polymorphic voyage of catastrophic proportions. Set sail on Christopher Durang's Titanic.  One of Durang's first plays that explore the wilder side of family life.

Photos by Lesley Jackson

Titanic couldn’t be a better fit for this unconventional company. From the drag queen greeting audience members outside the theatre to the strange yet emotional final tableau, Cock & Bull gets it exactly right. A historical shipwreck was never more dysfunctional, sexually perverse and purely hilarious.
— Chicago Theatre Beat

The Legend of Ginger Bred

The Legend of Ginger Bred; a Story of Sex, Salvation & Baked Goods is a live rock show featuring gorilla men, aliens, rabbit boys, booze, sex, and drugs. On the night of an electrical storm, food fetish porn star/country singer, Ginger Bred is haunted by the ghosts from her past. 

photos by Katarzyna Matwiejuk

Maggie Graham stands out in a talented cast as Ginger, using her leggy charm and impeccable timing to spin hilarity from dark themes. Live music and multimedia projections blend seamlessly into the show, which is structured as a bizarre stream-of-consciousness lounge act.
— The Chicago Reader

Axe Lizzie & The Possession of Alice

Axe Lizzie  & The Possession of Alice are two dark and bloody coming of age tales. Both pieces inspired by the work of Le Theatre du Grand Guignol and Victorian melodrama. Axe Lizzie recalls the hallucinogenic day that would go down in horror history.  Lizzie Borden dreams of a better life over the rainbow but faces caring for her half-human sister, miserable menstrual cramps, serpent-like parents, ill-fitting ruby red slippers, and a mysterious man with a bloody hatchet.  Is little Alice possessed by the devil or her newfound sexual desire? 

photos by Christine Burklin

creepy spectacle mixes song, puppetry, and rich design elements to create a kind of slide carousel of gore—These splatter fests ...couldn’t be more scrumptious.
— The Chicago Reader


Voolf created by Chris Garcia Peak and Cock and Bull explores the surreal world of fairy-tales with a voracious appetite based on Isadora,  an autobiography of modern dancer Isadora Duncan, Marlene Dietrich and Sergei Prokofiev's composition Peter and the Wolf.  This adult fairytale features puppetry and multimedia.

photos by Lesley Jackson

Voolf portrays several unreal, intersecting stories, but concerns itself less with straightforward narrative than with deconstructing the strange, subterranean landscape of deranged desire between outlandish personae. It’s Peter and the Wolf gone wild, David Lynch does Grimm, a neo-Freudian fairy tale.
— -Diego Baez, writer

Voolf workshop at DCASE

Voolf (the workshop) explores the world of fairytales with a voracious appetite. While Papa is off at war, Peter, Grandmere, and the great actor Sarah Bernhardt as Red Riding Hood must deal with their fears of love and lust while confronting the iconic fairytale villain, the wolf. Is the wolf the real villain or victim?

Presented by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, a work-in-progress showing of VOOLF by Cock and Bull was a part of the residency series In the Works.