Sessions are unique events showcasing new work by artists in various mediums.  The goal of bull sessions is to show new plays, projects, short films, art and music that fit into the Cock and Bull mission.

sessions 01

curated by Kristen King and Chris Garcia Peak

Digital Artists- Jason Dixon, Traci Fowler,  Heinrich Haley/Janie Killips

Interactive Visual Artist - Klaus Pinter

Performance Artists - Caitlin Baucom and Mikey McParlane

Defibrillator Gallery, Chicago, IL

sessions 02

Curated by Kristen King, Noah Lepawsky

Performance Artist - Caitlin Baucom - Idle

Solo Performer - Jason Seebacher

Video Artists- Yoni Goldstein & Meredith Zielke - The Jettisoned Project

Video Artists - The Watchtower

The Frontier Space, Chicago, IL


sessions 03

Curated by Chris Garcia Peak,

Visual Artist- Katherine Garcia

Digital Artist- Nadja Verena Marcin

Playwrights - Rachel Bykowski, Megan Breen

Oracle Theatre, Chicago, IL